Qannaq is an industry leading European bio-pharma company.


About us

Qannaq is an industry leading European bio-pharma company.
We specialize in supplying Phytocannabinoids derived food supplements and medicines to patients globally.
With Qannaq and Qannaq Poland we proudly announce a new and modern way of providing patients with natural cannabis-based medicinal products. Through participating specialists and pharmacies, our end costumers can obtain our products easily well informed and safely.

What we have

  •  Authorized products targeting among other, medical condition such pain, sleep disorder, epilepsy, immunity disorders, dementia and PTSD.
  •  An R&D department, developing additional products.
  • A growing patient base in Romania, Poland and UK and acces to a new key EU and worldwide markets in process.
  • GMP/ISO 9001/ISO 22000 certified manufacturing facility, one of few to manufacture phytocannabinoid derived food supplements.
  • Global distribution footprint via extensive network of commercial partners.
  • Highly qualified management team, supported by leading scientific experts.
  • Construction of a manufacturing facility including EU-GMP (Eudralex) certified processing and production for API has commenced in Romania.

Our vision


A world in which medical cannabis is re-established as an important treatment modality aiming to offer quality food supplements and medicines based on cannabis extracts and to deliver personalized advice to patients.

Our values

A willingness to change and respect for both, nature and human.
With respect to our clients and patients we want to offer them exactly what they need, by always ready to help, we can set the stage for a healthy and durable relationship

Our mission

Our mission is A new perspective in medical Treatment
Anyone should be able to benefit from the unique properties of the cannabis plant.

Strong partnership

We collaborate with globally leading production, manufacturing, logistic and trading companies and can thus draw on a vast wealth of experience.
We are ACI consortium member (Association of Cannabisnoids Industry) 
We have strong partnership with CMC (Center for Medicinal Cannabis), CEBIS international, Ana Aslan International Foundation, and TRUSTiCERT

Highest standards

We are supported by experienced medical specialists and advisors to guarantee our pharmaceutical standards.