Clinical Practice training
for utilization of
Cannabis extract for
doctors and medical

General part:

  1. History of medical cannabis

  2. Genetics of cannabis, difference between strains, chemical compounds (explanations of difference between CBD, THC, CBN, CBG, THCV, etc)

  3. Legislative aspects

  4. Endocannabinoid system – structure, functions, interactions

  5. Pharmacology of cannabis and physiological effects of Phyto cannabinoids

  6. Delivery and dosage of cannabis

  7. Interaction between cannabis and medication

Clinical application and case study

  1. Cannabis and pain

  2. Cannabis and movement disorders

  3. Cannabis and epilepsy

  4. Cannabis and psychiatric disorders (insomnia, anxiety, depression)

  5. Cannabis and degenerative brain disorders (Parkinson, Alzheimer)

  6. Cannabis and quality of life in cancer

  7. Cannabis and immune disorders